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Price of gold

Pawning your gold is an excellent alternative to selling it

In the long term, the trend in the price of gold has always been upward. This is why you should retain ownership of your gold. The amount of money we can give for your gold is equal to or greater than the amount you would get by selling it as scrap gold, as the value of the item is raised not only by the fineness and weight, but also by any gemstones in the piece of jewellery, a well-known designer and the good condition of the item, for example. We value your jewellery – and that is why we can give you the best price for it.

We will give you the best price for your gold

We are constantly monitoring the gold rates and update the gold loan prices accordingly. The gold price per kilo is tens of thousands of euros, but gold items are small, which is why we use gram as the unit of weight. The official world market price of gold is quoted as USD/ounce.

Use our calculator to easily calculate what the starting price of your gold per gram is today. Once our expert appraises the value of your item as a complete piece of jewellery, this value is added to the price per gram in the loan offer.

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Gold fineness

Gold fineness refers to the percentage of pure gold in a product. The rest is made up of alloys. They are needed if the manufacturer wants to modify the product’s colour or the durability and manufacturing properties of the piece of jewellery, for example.

The most common fineness in Finland is 585 gold, which consists of 58.5% gold and 41.5% other alloys. Another way of expressing the same thing is by speaking of 14-carat gold. 24-carat gold is pure gold. Our second most common fineness is 750 gold, i.e. 18-carat gold. Fineness is always expressed as per mille in Finnish gold stamps. The gold fineness stamps used in Finland are 375, 585, 750, 916 and 999. There are also other fineness levels used abroad. The stamps on old jewellery also deviate from modern stamps.

It does not matter if the stamps on your jewellery are not Finnish or if your jewellery is not stamped at all. We can still easily determine the fineness of your item and calculate the correct price for it.

Silver products

As the silver price per gram is lower than the price of gold, the item’s value is increased more by the product’s other properties, such as weight and fineness.

For silverware, the value is increased by the good condition of the items and a lack of engravings. There are desirable rarities among serving utensils, and we can grant a loan against them due to this demand. The popularity of different series varies slightly according to fashion, which is why we appraise models on a case-by-case basis. Very old silverware, Russian silver and products by well-known manufacturers are also valuable.

For silver jewellery, the design and well-known designers play an even greater role in determining the product’s value than they do for silverware. This is reflected in a positive manner in the estimated prices of Finnish products in particular. Valuable silver jewellery includes jewellery by manufacturers such as Kalevala Koru, Lapponia, Kupittaan Kulta and Martti Viikinniemi, the last two of which have already discontinued their operations.

The silver stamps currently used in Finland are 999, 925 (sometimes called sterling silver), 830 and 800. These values represent parts of pure silver per thousand. Other fineness levels have also been used in the past, the most well-known of them being 813. We also come across other stamping systems besides the one based on parts per thousand in very old products. Examples of these include the lot and the Russian zolotnik.

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