About us

Founded in 1882, Helsingin Pantti is a company that specialises in pawnbroking, auctioneering and sale of jewellery. We are the largest and oldest operator founded in Finland in the industry. We provide our services in seven cities and 12 pawn shops and, of course, online.

Easy and stress-free pawn loan
Helsingin Pantti grants loans ranging from €20 to €500,000. Any adult can receive a loan against valuables. You can receive the loan immediately in cash or into your bank account. Suitable pledges for a loan include gold, silver, watches, art, design objects and musical instruments, for example. We will have an experienced professional valuate your items.

A pawn loan is a safe option that will not have an effect on your creditworthiness under any circumstances. Thanks to the pledge, negative marks on your credit history are not a problem either.

Largest auctions in Finland
Our auctions, which are held once a week, are the largest auctions for valuables in Finland. A new auction starts every Friday. You can submit bids until the end of the auction the following Tuesday. Wherever you are, you can easily bid at an auction.

Real treasures
Our online shop of second hand jewellery offers thousands of real treasures that you cannot find anywhere else. All pieces of jewellery are unengraved and have been checked and maintained. Visit our pawn shops for more unique and sustainable finds.