Pawn shop

Pawn shop borrows money against items you own. Your object serves as collateral for the loan, which is recovered when the loan is redeemed. We do not view your information, only your goods.

Our offices are located HERE.

What can be pawned?

  • Everything that keeps its value.
  • Jewelery, including scrap gold
  • Watches
  • Musical instruments and Electronics
  • Silver, art and design items

The loan period?

  • There is no minimum loan period
  • A normal loan is for 3 months, which can be renewed and extended for as long as you like.

Loan amount?

  • The amount borrowed is determined by the value of the object.
  • 20 € – 500,000 €

What if I can’t repay my loan?

  • A pawnshop offers a carefree loan, because if for one reason or another you do not repay your loan, it will not give you bad credit notes. A previous loan is not a barrier to a new loan either.

Do pawn shops buy products cheap and sell with profit?

  • No. It is always a loan and Helsingin Pantti always lends against the maximum sum security. If the loan is outstanding, it is sold at a public auction and if the sale exceeds the amount of the pledge, the surplus is paid to the pledgor.

Why use a pawn shop?

  • Easy and hassle-free solution. Any adult can bring us his or her valuables as a pledge. Pledging is a flexible and fast form of loan that is also suitable for those with bad credit.